Les Internettes


The Collective's problematic

Quite new, the Internettes were born in June 2016. It was created because of the lack of promotion for female youtubers who don't do beauty and lifestyle content.

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To help these girls and encourage others to start their own project, a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account have been created. Twice a day, a video made by a female youtuber is shared.

My role

I joined the Internettes first because I wanted to help and make a difference. The team reached out to me for my technical skills, but I ended up doing a lot more than only coding!

Co-founder (2016), VP Digital Development (2017), Co-Chair: (2018), Treasurer: 2019/2020

We released a first version of our website and I'm currently working on a dedicated platform for the adherents.

I also took the role of Project Lead and I am mentoring the team to ensure we meet deadlines and to ensure a smooth execution.